Services for the Public Sector

Public governance and public management are becoming more and more important in terms of competitive advantages for states, counties and municipalities. The challenges are becoming more diverse, the complexity is increasing and the pressure to develop solid and functioning solutions is growing.


Developing Public Policy Concepts

The political level demands well-structured policy concepts with practical recommendations and risk assessments in an ever-shorter time.

We support you in the preparation of sound analyses and concepts for evidence-based policy-making:

  • Developing independent research and practice-proofed recommendations for public governance
  • Designing processes to consolidate all relevant aspects of a specific policy analysis, involving key national and international experts
  • Translating (international) scientific findings into practice-oriented recommendations


Implementing reforms and projects

Reform projects often fail due to a lack of interaction within the public administration, a lack of general structuring or the often insufficient “translation” between politics and the public administration.

We ensure successful management of your large and small projects – from the concept phase throughout implementation:

  • managing strategic and operational projects at the interface between politics and the public administration, involving all relevant stakeholders
  • being a solid cooperation partner who knows and understands current developments and ensures achieving the right results
  • designing tailor-made processes according to your internal structures and culture of cooperation


Developing your organisation and internal structures

The demands of politics and the public are exerting ever greater pressure on the public administration’s performance. They are confronted with not only an increase in range of tasks and costs, but also with shortage in personnel capacity. A key element in tackling this target conflict is to focus on key tasks as well as on efficient organisational structures and processes.

We ensure clear, agile, targeted organisational structures and control processes:

  • Analysing and developing organisational structures
  • Implementing efficient reorganisation projects
  • Analysing and developing controlling and management tools Designing outcome focused development processes


Personell and management development

In every human being there are ideas and these potentials need to be seen and used. A responsible management and development of employees strengthens the organisation’s attractiveness and gives it the opportunity to achieve more.

We work with you on a lively and responsible organisation – through expert advice, seminars and workshops:

  • Strengthening management skills and tools at all management levels
  • Creating a common management language within the organisation
  • Activating the employees’ ideas and commitment for achieving common goals
  • Establishing a life-phase-oriented personnel development 


Shaping governance structures

The type of service delivery and thus structures of public administrations are constantly changing. New types of organisation and cooperation are emerging, such as subordinate or outsourced units, agencies, participations, cooperation with NGOs or private organisations. These changes require new insights and skills especially in regard to the design, development and control.

We analyse and develop your governance structures and new control and collaboration concepts:

  • considering business and system theory
  • cefining concrete control requirements and developing necessary tools
  • collaborating closely with all relevant stakeholders responsible for the development and control


Composing independent studies and analyses

Looking at a system from the outside and with some distance enables taking on different and new aspects. Often, a “critical partner” who looks at the structures and control processes from a different perspective is supportive. This enables potentials to be recognised and new impetus for the further development to be initiated.

We carry out independent research in the field of public governance

  • which meet the highest scientific requirements and are carried out in cooperation with universities
  • which provide action-oriented and practice-oriented suggestions
  • which can be methodically sound implemented

Mag. (FH) Isabell Egger-Peitler
Senior Project Manager

Foto von Mag. (FH) Isabell Egger-Peitler

Mag. Hannes Timischl, MSc
Founder, Managing Partner

Foto von Mag. Hannes Timischl, MSc