Services for the Private Sector

Entrepreneurship and customer orientation are essential elements for any outstanding organisation. It is therefore pivotal to virtuously and actively manage complexity, deal with contradictions and master big challenges as well as make people in organisations effective.


Ensuring the future of your company

Complex challenges are not solved by simple, linear methods. A reflexive approach to tried-and-tested solutions is no longer enough to secure the future. Today, strategies must be very operative, short-term oriented and flexible and at the same time visionary, innovative and long-term oriented. To refrain this contradiction, a new way of strategy development is needed.

Working together with our experts, our customers create strategies to meet the requirements of speed, solidity, clarity and robustness as well as adaptability and flexibility.

What remains: the customer must be the focus point of any effective strategy.


Writing successful transformation stories

The reason for change to fail today is not a lack of insight that change is needed. Change fails because of the ignorance of management in dealing with the dynamics of complex, social, productive systems.

We support you in carrying out major change projects quickly and effectively:

  • Designing, supporting and managing complex change processes
  • Intelligent working formats with large groups to promote knowledge, understanding and will for the new
  • Simultaneous processing and solving of strategic, structural and cultural management aspects
  • Enabling managers to master change

Working together with our experts, you develop a better understanding of the functional and dysfunctional patterns within your organisation. You will appreciate what should be done newly or differently in management to implement change successfully.


Increasing the viability of
organisational structure

Organisations should be understood as complex organisms, not as machines, i.e. the idea of being able to plan and regulate every detail. The machine idea only merely meets today’s requirements for complex organisations. Today, viable organisations must have the ability of self-organisation and adaptability within their DNA.

We support the development of your organisation by:

  • Diagnosing the “viability” of organisational / management structures
  • Enhancing self-management within the existing management structures
  • Developing comprehensive restructuring concepts
  • Enabling executives and key personnel to design viable structures and processes

Working together with our experts, you learn how to identify organisational deficiencies quickly and precisely as well as how to enhance self-management across the organisation. Managers therefore, are relieved of the operational burden and gain time for their actual management tasks


Building Leadership Competence

The gap between the claim of management and reality is still gigantic: on the one hand, because management knowledge is often missing, on the other hand, because management systems too often rely on the wrong figures.

We further develop your management systems and enable you to manage the multitude of different interests and requirements in a purposeful manner:

  • Management diagnoses and management system diagnoses
  • Designing and conducting executive trainings and executive coaching sessions
  • Empowering executives in general management – governance, strategy, structure, culture

Through our training sessions, workshops and coaching sessions our experts ensure that management skills are built up and a mutual understanding of management in the organisation is established.


Creating High Performance Executive Boards

Executive boards and supervisory governing boards must have a clear understanding on correctly understood leadership and governance! What distinguishes an effective top management team and how does it understand its responsibilities? What does a top management team need to command for being of use to an organisation?

We work with your top management on the foundation of effective corporate management:

  • Designing the tasks and responsibilities of the supervisory and executive body
  • Developing rules for an effective top management team and assigning necessary tasks
  • Elaborating the basics of the corporate concept: environmental – entrepreneurial – managerial concept

Working together with our experts, you critically examine the way your top management operates: in terms of content and structure


Keeping in control of financials in
complex systems

Companies and the networks they are embedded in are becoming more and more complex. The consequences and financial effects of decisions at one point in the systems are hardly predictable. Financial control has therefore to be even more effective and better understandable for the employees who are at the front of implementation.

We support you by creating tailor-made & customied solutions:

  • Enabling of managers in financial literacy, financial control and complexity management
  • Diagnosing and developing control tools
  • Developing simulations for dynamic control of the corporation

Working together with our experts, you critically examine the way your top management operates: in terms of content and structure.

MMag. Markus Robl
Founder, Managing Partner

Mag. Oliver Wichtl
Founder, Managing Partner