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In the eye of the crisis – and now what? Decision Making and Solving Problems (Part 2)
20.05.2020 - One essential element of good decision making in challenging situations is the methodical approach, i.e. the conscious organisation of one's own actions, as outlined in Part I. Equally important - if not even more so - is the organisation of our thoughts.
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In the eye of the crisis – and now what? Decision Making and Solving Problems (Part 1)
18.05.2020 - Peter Drucker called it "the task which makes or breaks a manager." Having had, and continuing to have, many discussions with managers facing this challenge, we thought it would be helpful to set out some ideas in two articles. In the first paper, we look at the basic structure of problem solving.
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Digital Productivity
12.05.2020 - At the moment all organization experience a digitization boost. That’s generally very positive! But: What are the key learnings, what has to be done now to ensure that this boost materializes in lasting productivity gains? We measure your Digital Productivity and support you in deducting a new strategic roadmap for your productive, digital future.
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The Viability of Organizations
Writer: Mag. Wolfgang Lassl / Pure Management Group

Volume 1: Stafford Beer‘s Viable System Model is one of the most comprehensive and multifaceted models of organizations. Volume 1 offers you a new perspective on your organization and will illustrate what it is that determines the viability and performance of your organization.
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Volume 2:  Improving requires recognizing one’s errors. Volume 2 introduces you to the field of organizational diagnosis and shows you what kind of dysfunctionalities can develop in your organization.
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Volume 3: Changing organizations and developing the right structures belong to the most delicate of management tasks. Robust methods barely exist. Learn in volume 3 how you can change your organization meaningfully and successfully, based on the Viable System Model.
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