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Recuperating into Resilience
31.07.2020 - The Corona virus pandemic has taken us all by surprise. Although some are more prepared than others, it has none the less set us under stress in one way or another. The loss of structure, control and social proximity, heighten the  experienced stress, in addition to having to increase our awareness in order to reinvent and adapt our environmental sensors.  However, for us as managers stress per se is not the issue. How we respond to stress… is the issue.
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Crisis management through Innovation - Concrete tips for your Innovation practice
03.06.2020 - In times of crisis, innovation is booming. Or as the Handelsblatt describes it correctly: The world is currently a crisis laboratory. However, how should innovation management be set up in a crisis? Does innovation need a different management in the crisis? Is only short-term innovation currently required to ensure survival? Or do companies already have to deal with long-term renewal in the crisis? And does this long-term perspective have any place right now? The following tips provide guidance.
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Digital Productivity
12.05.2020 - At the moment all organization experience a digitization boost. That’s generally very positive! But: What are the key learnings, what has to be done now to ensure that this boost materializes in lasting productivity gains? We measure your Digital Productivity and support you in deducting a new strategic roadmap for your productive, digital future.
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