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Our daily consulting activities are characterized by passion and competence. We are looking for motivated people with heart and mind.


Career at Pure Management Group

We are as different as our customers. Some focus on the public sector, others on the private sector. Some are internationally active, some are "national champions".

We are an interdisciplinary team that shares the joy of solving the Gordian knots and cracking the hard nuts.

We do not live according to the "up-or-out principle", but according to the "learn-and-grow principle". Our credo is: to learn and learn from each other. This is also reflected in the high level of loyalty and the low fluctuation, despite the challenging and demanding work.

Development at Pure Management Group

A career at Pure Management Group means developing individual strengths, growing with great challenges, taking on responsibility and being part of a professional team. Training and further education are very important to us, both together as a team or company, and individually through in-house training, sparring, coaching and mentorship, as well as through external further and advanced training.

You can join us at all functional levels, from Project Assistant to Senior Project Manager.

How to become part of the team

  1. Written online application
    If your written application has convinced us, we will invite you to a first interview.
  2. Invitation first round
    During this first face-to-face meeting we want to get to know each other professionally and personally. Your application documents serve as a basis.
  3. Invitation second round
    The second face-to-face meeting is about proving your competence and knowledge via a specific presentation on an upfront agreed topic.
  4. Welcome to Pure Management Group
    We are glad that you are part of our team!


Speculative application

Currently there is no suitable available position, but you would like to join our team in the future? Send us your informative speculative application. 

Send your speculative application including CV by e-mail to


Open questions

Our business is a people business - we know how important the human contact is. If you have any questions about the application process or career at Pure Management Group, please feel free to contact us by emaill:

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Mag. Oliver Wichtl
Founder, Managing Partner